Our Story

Taking a stylish and sustainable footwear with a focus on creating a positive impact on both the world and the people

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Ethics and equality

We prioritize fair labor practices and promote equal opportunities while crafting stylish footwear that makes a positive impact on the world.


Our shoes are thoughtfully designed using recycled materials, minimizing waste and reducing our environmental footprint without compromising on style or comfort

Wildlife Preservation

With every purchase, a portion of our proceeds goes towards supporting wildlife conservation initiatives, ensuring that your choice in footwear contributes to the protection of our planet's precious biodiversity.


At mytopshoes, our mission is to provide stylish and sustainable footwear made from recycled materials. We strive to create a positive impact on the world and its people by prioritizing ethics and equality, embracing eco-design principles, and actively supporting wildlife preservation. By choosing our shoes, you can step forward with confidence, knowing that you're making a stylish and responsible choice for a better, more sustainable future.


Our vision  is to revolutionize the footwear industry by being a leading provider of stylish and sustainable shoes made from recycled materials. We envision a future where fashion seamlessly integrates with environmental responsibility, where every step taken in our shoes contributes to a healthier planet, and where customers can confidently express their unique style while actively participating in the movement towards a more sustainable world.

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Pet canvas


Algae foam + vegan glue


Organic cotton


Upcycled plastic bottles

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